Who We Are

Dignity is a movement that embodies the idea that everyone, everywhere can be used by God to reach their community and build his kingdom

Whoever and wherever we are, we help people share the message of Jesus, address issues of disadvantage and build everyday Christian community that is open to all.

Here is a snapshot of some of the thousands of people who are part of the Dignity movement.

Mission Pioneers

Bernard Witika

Zambia Coordinator

Ken Musonda

Regional Coordinator, Central East, Zambia

Patience Phiri

Zambia Administration Coordinator


Regional Coordinator, Luapula South, Zambia

Royd M Chishimba

Translation Coordinator

Harrison Kashhiki

Regional Coordinator, Kasempa, Zambia

Core Team

Jo Kimball

UK Operations Director

Dolina King

Supporter Care - Volunteer

Abigail Cummings

Publications Assistant

Jon Paul Witt

Founder & Lead Mission Pioneer / Trustee

Becky Burr

Partnership Pioneer

Associate Missionaries

Tim and Becky Burr

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Where Life Groups Are

Life Groups are part of God’s mission to reach all people. They are spreading wherever people carry them. Take a look at our map of Life Groups, showing where we’re just getting to know people all the way through to where established teams are bringing hope to nations!

Life Groups map