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If you are excited by the vision of Life Groups, stand with us to help them grow in new places.

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Sharing what we have

We are excited about where God is leading us, particularly his call to share the simple ideas and methodology of Life Groups with others who can use them in their own setting.

We achieve this through the formation of Life Groups: communities on mission together.

Sharing what we haveAdd your influence

Add your influence

By praying, giving financially or telling others about the work of Dignity, you will help us and all those to whom we are connected to start Life Groups right where they are.

People will come to know Jesus within their community and will fight poverty together.

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30-Minute Fridays

Commit to pray for 30 minutes each Friday. We will be praying, we'd love you to stand with us wherever you are in the world!

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A regular gift helps us plan and sustains growth. A one-off gift meets those needs that arise from time to time.

Give by Standing Order

The most effective and convenient way to give is by regular standing order. This avoids all third-party fees. Decide how much you want to give, set it up with your bank, and let your giving take care of itself each month. You will need the following details:

Account name: Dignity r/c 1122656
Account number: 65230022
Sort code: 08-92-99

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You will be directed to NowDonate where you can give by card.

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Use your Stewardship giving account and find us using our registered charity number: 1122656.

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CAF facilitates payroll giving.You can find us using our registered charity number: 1122656.

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TrustBridge Global facilitate tax-efficient international giving through a network of worldwide partners.

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Gift Aid

Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate.

Gift Aid is reclaimed by Dignity from the tax you pay for the current tax year. If you are a taxpayer, find out more and complete the declaration.

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Wondering how much to give?

Prints a group discipleship course such as Foundations
Covers a bus fare for a Dignity representative pioneering Life Groups
Means someone can study 1 module of Journey
Supports a Mission Pioneer for 1 month
Prints an edition of Life – our quarterly encouragement to all Life Groups
Translates a discipleship course into a new language – typically each resource is translated into 6 languages

Tell a friend

Who do you know that is passionate about Christian discipleship, community and mission?
Tell them about our work and why you think it would be of interest to them!

Kambwali testimonial image

Kambwali Life Group’s Story

Kambwali in Nchelenge had been known as a crime zone for many years, but the faithful prayers of a local Life Group have changed that.

A Life Group began in Kambwali and committed to pray for their community. For one year, they prayed for the village and especially for the known perpetrators of crime. Over time, they began to get to know these people, who were often shunned by others. The Kambwali Life Group invited them to join it and through that they came to know Jesus. They have been transformed by the love of Jesus, repenting of their previous lifestyle, and learning new ways to live. As a result, the whole community has seen a drop in crime and its reputation has changed for the better!