Half a Million

Dignity is a movement of people that are making a difference in their communities, wherever they are.

We believe that the best people to make the change in a community are the people who are there. We want to empower and encourage people, including you and your friends, to do God's work!

Spend an evening with us to hear how Life Groups are bringing the love and message of Jesus to those around them and finding ways to help the most vulnerable, bring transformation and fight poverty. Let their stories inspire you to start a Life Group, help a friend start a Life Group or help those you don't know to start a Life Group by supporting our work.

Life Groups are community based, discipleship groups of 5-30 people from different backgrounds, different churches or no church background. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join to learn how to pray, how to read the Bible, how to love others, how to share the message of Jesus, love the poor and how to work together. There are now over 900 Life Groups in five African nations, the UK and the USA.

Gather some friends and invite us to deliver Half a Million.

We look forward to seeing you!

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