150 Years On

Jon was able to talk with Festus about a man he met from Chipundu, the final resting place of David Livingstone.A Life Group came across a sick man in Yoram and bought him some eggs and some things to eat. When he had recovered, he asked them who they were and why they had helped him. They replied that they were representing Dignity and told him about Life Groups and how they had begun their journey of learning more about the word of God through training programs, such as the one Festus had held for them. Although this man was not a Christian and did not attend church, he wanted to go back to his home village and tell them.Even though his home village was in Chipundu, 160km away from Yoram, he was able to organise and reach out to Festus. Festus and his team went out to visit and asked him to find a neutral place for them to talk with non-Christians and Christians from different churches alike. The training went really well, a lot of people in that community were really interested in what Festus was saying. Even though the man had organised the whole event and started attending his own Life Group, it wasn't until after that training that Festus's found out he had finally become a Christian.Festus said that the village had begun to transform, churches had begun to work together to help the greater community. Helping older residents and children without fathers or orphans.The amazing thing about Chipundu is that David Livingstone, a pioneering British missionary, had planted the seeds of Christianity in that place 146 years ago. It is amazing that after so long, the word of God and the message of Christianity has returned to that place.

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