2019 A testament to working together

Dignity exists to share the good news of Jesus with those often forgotten or overlooked and to fight poverty, in all its forms.We have a proven track record of pioneering, going where the church is weak, finding the people through whom God will reach the wider community and helping them worktogether through Life Groups. 2019 has built on these foundations and we have seen:

  • churches setting aside historic divisions
  • people wanting to hear about Jesus because of the powerful witness of united churches
  • communities taking responsibility and caring for those around them
  • some of the poorest people receiving love, support and practical care
  • ostracised people being welcomed back into community
  • lives being given to Jesus!

Life Groups now meet in 763 communities across 5 nations in sub-Saharan Africa. Life Groups are groups of between 5 and 30 people, led by volunteers we have trained. They have 3 key goals in the community; to learn together, to take action for the good of all and to work for long term change. The current estimated membership of Life Groups is 15,000# people! Whilst the overall work of Dignity has continued to grow, Life Groups retain a strong community focus, loving and serving those around them.The impact of Life Groups is best understood through their stories. Here are some highlights from this year! Click on any of the picture to find out more...

The time Gertrude's Life Group did so well in a Bible quiz other people asked them to help them start Life Groups as well.

The time Impact Team members told us what motivates them.

The time helping a sick man meant a Life Group got to continue the work David Livingstone began.

The time Kashiki and Kenneth really didn't need us.

The time a village pastor gave an incredibly generous gift.

The time Agness and Josephine realised they could make a difference for children in their community.

These stories are a testament firstly to the life of Jesus. Knowing him brings freedom, hope and purpose! Secondly these stories are a testament to the combined generosity and commitment of many people. Throughout 2019:

  • Over 37,000+ volunteer hours have been given by Life Group leaders and Impact Team members
  • £105,000 has been given by people, churches, businesses and trust funds (this is the first year our budget has exceeded £100k!)
  • An unknown number of prayers have been lifted on our behalf
  • An estimated 99,800 miles have been traveled to reach different communities
  • Over 850 Bibles and group study guides have been given out (special thanks to the Mathetes Trust for Rooted in Jesus!)
  • We have worked with people across the full width of sub-Saharan Africa, from Swakopmund on the western cost to Mombasa on the eastern coast!

Together we have helped many people know Jesus as their saviour and released them from the stranglehold of poverty in the many forms can have. THANK YOU!!Exciting plans for Life Groups and Impact Teams in 2020 are shaping up...watch this space to find out more in the new year! (If you have kids or work with kids, look our for BIG WALKS little walks which will be taking place in February...it's going to be great fun!)But for now, thank you again - we are so grateful for each of you who has added your strength to ours. May you be full of joy and peace this Christmas as we celebrate the fact that God came to earth...which quite frankly is the best fact of all!+We assume 1 leader per Life Group volunteering 4 hours/month and team members volunteering 8 hours per visit#Based on 20 members per group, the average for a mature Life Group

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