A Drunk Wife No More...


To round off today’s set of posts is an encouraging story of how a mothers life has been transformed by Jesus and her involvement with a Dignity Life group. Augustine writes;“I visited Kambwata area where we have planted two Life Groups with Dignity. During my visit I met a woman who has been attending the Life Group, which is using the Rooted in Jesus resource. She told me her story.Months ago she was a drunkard, she would insult many people was a troublesome person in the village. The Life Group in her village took her in and allowed her to participate in the group. In short, through the Rooted in Jesus course, the Lord transformed her life. She is now not a drunkard. **She told me, that rather than being a bad mother to her children, and a terrible wife, she is now a good mother and a good wife. Her life has changed completely. She now calls herself a committed Christian and is much much happier as a person.As a result of the startling change in her life, many people have been attracted to the groups and they are growing at a faster rate.”Imagine the spiritual, economic and social transformation this story brings. No longer will the family’s money go on beer. She will be able to work productively for her own family and the village. Reducing poverty is not about money, it’s about changing depravation in people’s lives that lead to poverty in the first place** It is not normal for Church groups to associate with those who are seen as ‘sinners’ or problem people in the villages. I know that is unbelievable! People are either frightened of trouble or somehow being polluted by what is around them. One of the values of Dignity and the gospel is that God loves everyone, and that we must be involved in their lives. This has led to many stories like above where rather than being chased away, people with problems are welcomed and helped out of their darkness.

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