A Story from Chitembo

Jon recently spoke with Pilius, a Impact Team member from the Southern District. He told him a story about the Ketapa Life Group in Chitembo:Last season, the Chitembo Life Group had gone through the village and found a 72 year old woman on her own. She had no food of her own and no family to support her. She told them that her family had moved on to the next village - but when the Life Group looked for them there, they could not find them. So, the Life Group decided that they would support her. The bought for her a 100m² plot of land and got to work planting cassava for her. As you can imagine, the woman was incredibly grateful!The woman's neighbours, people from all church backgrounds, saw the example of the Life Group and began to help the woman as well. Some of them even started to attend the Life Group themselves, seeing that the work they were doing was good. One particular man, a 22 year old named Morgan, approached the plot while he was very drunk. He was confused as to why they were helping the old woman and kept asking them questions about Dignity and Life Groups. He was surprised to hear that anyone could join a Life Group and so asked to know when the next meeting would be. And sure enough, the next week Morgan was there to attend the Life Group.Sadly, three weeks after Morgan became a Christian, he became gravely ill and passed away. Usually it is the church's responsibility to bury the body, however as Morgan had not yet begun to attend a church, this became a problem. However, the Life Group took it upon themselves to prepare the coffin and were able to bury him peacefully. This is a wonderful testimony to how people of all different backgrounds were able to come together to do good for their community.

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