The young man was tied up, bound and left in a room on his own. His parents didn’t know what else to do. His madness was all pervading. He couldn’t talk, he refused to eat and appeared confused all of the time. For three years this had been the situation. Left in the dark dusty room of a typical high density residence, his condition worsened and worsened.It’s 4’o clock in the morning. The residential areas of the remote town of Mwinilunga are quiet. Rhoda calls Loves to come and pray for her brother. No-one can cope anymore. He still lies bound.Loves and the family pray for the young man. They take him to the hospital. His condition is improving.A few hours after being prayed for the young man is able to talk, he can ask for food and wants to eat. He can recognise his family and relatives whom he has not seen or talked to for 3 years.Loves bathes him and continues to pray for him for two days. By this time his is fully recovered.He is not bound anymore. Jesus has set him free.

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