Chikondi’s Story

I was in the habit of visiting the local prison on Sunday afternoons and meeting with prisoners and telling them about Jesus. One week, I met Simon, who had been imprisoned for theft. As Simon's release date approached, I spoke with him for some time, and invited him to come along to our Life Group once he was out of prison. When he had been released, he took up my invitation and came along to the Life Group. From that point, he kept on attending to find out more about what Jesus can do. His life had been hard, and suddenly he was being offered a new hope and a new life with Jesus. Within one month, Simon gave his life to Jesus.

‘My life has completely changed,’ he says.

Today, Simon is the driving force behind the Life Group in the area. He understands that in his area he was known as someone who brought confusion and noise, and who was a thief. Now he holds the group together and leads it in building community. It greatly aids this that his life bears witness to the new start that Jesus gives.

*Names & image changed to protect privacy