Choosing not to dance

Tiwonge* lives in Petauke, Zambia, where traditional dancing for chiefs and the men of the community is common. For an outsider it can look overtly sexual, that’s because sometimes it is. The young girls who participate in the dancing often have no say in what happens afterwards.15 young girls have been coming to the Life Groups that Tiwonge and others run, and something amazing is unfolding.

Together these girls have decided to resist the calls to participate in the dancing and everything that goes with it. Their involvement in a small community of people standing for Jesus has enabled them to do this.No one told Tiwonge to help these girls take a stand. What is happening is the natural outworking of the knowledge and relationship that she has with Jesus. With knowledge, faith and a little bit of community boldness, wonders can happen!Please pray for Tiwonge, the girls involved and the whole community at this time. We would love to see this event being the catalyst for Kingdom-coming across Tiwonge's community.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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