Generosity and sacrifice

Jon and Jude were recently in Yinsu, Namibia. People there had wanted to start a Life Group in the area but unfortunately the community and church groups were so divided that it had resulted in even more problems. In many rural communities, the only 'resource' is people, so when they are divided, bad things happen. The poorest of the poor get overlooked because no one is looking their way.While they were in Yinsu, Jon and Jude brought people together and went through some of Dignity's teaching about working together, helping them understand why this is important and how powerful this can be. Their hope is that their presence there allowed every group to hear what a Life Group is and how they could help, without the poisonous atmosphere of division. After the training a village pastor brought Jon and Jude a gift of N$120, about £6. He wanted to bless the work they were doing and was insistent they should take this gift. For that pastor, this was a huge sacrifice as this money could have met any number of other needs he was facing. We are humbled by his astounding generosity. His gift has been invested into the work we are doing in Namibia and we trust that he will see the fruit of his generosity in his very own community as they try again to plant Life Groups.Maybe in Yinsu, it’s the start of a new day. Jesus' message of unity that we have the joy of carrying to people resonated in the heart of at least 1 person. That’s a seed, and seeds grow into change and faith.If you would like to stand with this pastor, you too can make a gift to help us carry this message further.

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