"God surprises me every time"

Have you ever planted a seed and then waited, hoping to see a sign of life break through but not sure if anything is happening under the soil? The incredible story of Nseluka, Northern Zambia, is one of seeds seemingly lost, but now miraculously flourishing.

2019 – The First Seeds: Dignity team member Bernard intentionally visited Nseluka (Northern Zambia) to meet some friends of friends there. Among them was Moses Nseluka - and yep that’s right, his surname is the same as the name of the town! Nseluka really liked the idea of Life Groups and the way that Dignity helps people to discover for themselves what God is asking them to do and then encourages them to do it. Bernard left some of our training materials with Nseluka and returned home. September 2020 – No Sign of Life: Bernard returned to visit Moses and a friend, along with team members Jon and Jude. It seemed that the seeds that had been planted had not germinated. Nseluka had tried to start a Life Group but met with lots of opposition. People were suspicious, asking “Who is this organisation? Where did they come from? Maybe they will just make money from you somehow.” Bernard, Jon and Jude encouraged Nseluka and his friend to start small and simple with those who were willing. They shared our new Journey course with them which helps anyone, anywhere know how to plant a Life Group and build from there. February 2021 – Life Springs: Over a 6-month period, something amazing happened. Nseluka and his friend had managed to gather a few people and started a Life Group together. As they worked their way through our simple guide to planting and multiplying Life Groups other people began to see that something good was happening. More and more people wanted to join the Life Group and find out about Jesus so they taught others how to start a group. Within a matter of months, six more Life Groups began! “Truly this is an amazing story. Truly these are amazing lives. People are being reached and the work is growing in a way that you cannot understand because, if I remember very well, Nseluka seemed to be a place that was so difficult for the work to start, but you know, this God is great and he surprises me every time.” - BernardJune 2021 – Life Creates More Life: The story of Nseluka does not end there. Having just sent further study materials, Bernard received a message asking for more as the groups had multiplied again and now 17 were meeting! Together with Bernard we are working to support these Life Groups, provide training and further materials for them to use, shoring up their foundations. What is amazing is that with a relatively little investment of time, prayer and encouragement from us, big things are happening in Nseluka as people discover and press into what God is calling them into. As Bernard says, truly this is an amazing story of communities growing in love, friendship and care through Jesus, bringing hope to all. We are excited to see the next cycle of growth as the seeds spread further.

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