Joyce's Story

We would like to share Joyce's journey with you. We are humbled and privileged to play a part in the lives of people like Joyce and we carry on doing what we do in the hope of hearing of more lives transformed.Joyce lives in Nkombwe village. She had been working as a prostitute and would go to bars where people were drinking to sell herself. She was known by everyone to be a prostitute and, in the eyes of those around her, was the least likely person to listen to God.Some time ago a Dignity training session was held close to Nkombwe village and Joyce ended up attending the training. At the time she was an encouragement to others saying that everyone could witness about Jesus to others regardless of whether they could read or not. Following the training session Joyce became involved in a Life Group in Nkombwe and she started to frequent the bars less often. She also started to attend the local UCZ (United Church of Zambia).After some time, during a Life Group meeting Joyce began to speak of Anna in the Bible and to talk about what this passage meant to her (Luke 2 v 36 - 38). Joyce explained that she may be known to them as a prostitute, but that she is like Paul in the Bible who used to kill people who believed in Jesus and then turned to follow Jesus. Everyone who heard her speaking was amazed! Joyce said she has turned around and is following Jesus.Joyce still attends the Life Group now and her life has changed. In February 2014 she married David, a local business man. David has now started going to church with Joyce.Partly due to Joyce sharing her story with people the numbers in the Life Group have grown and they are now meeting as two Life Groups with twenty people attending each.Please pray for more and more lives to be turned around as we work to bring the good news of Jesus in a real and living way to many rural areas.

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