Kellen's Story

Kellen cares for her husband who has been paralysed for 8 years. Living 25km outside of Jinja, Uganda, she grows produce to sell at the local market, earning the money they need. Her Christian faith had lain dormant for many years.

One day, a man named Deus stopped to buy tomatoes from Kellen. He shared the idea of Life Groups with her, and invited her to find out more.

Today, having studied Village Journey, Kellen has helped start four Life Groups in her community, a place where there is no church. With her faith rekindled, Kellen and the groups are inviting people of different faiths, or no faith, to come and explore the Bible together. They are also working to help those in need. They care for those who are widowed or divorced. They have helped one lady access cancer treatment at the hospital.

Deus, the man who spoke to Kellen, is a local church pastor who had been in touch with Dignity. He had been praying for the village where Kellen lives but thought it would be impossible to reach. Now, through Kellen and her friends, God is doing the seemingly impossible!

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