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Over the last year Bernard and Royd have been visiting Petauke in the Eastern Province to see how they can support Life Groups.They were able to meet with some of the members of Life Groups in different parts and villages in Petauke. The first Life Groups started in Petauke in 2016 with some of our starting resources – however, having completed the first series, they struggled to get their hands on the second.Bernard heard an amazing testimony from a Life Group member from Chilando about what happened next.:

After a Dignity training course with Impact Team members, 5 Life Groups started in Chilando. They used ‘Rooted in Jesus: Book 1’ and the course was very successful. However, when they realised they couldn't continue because they didn't have Book 2 they decided to pass ‘Rooted in Jesus: Book 1’ to nearby villages.

“A Life Group, planting another Life Group. They just did it themselves, they passed on the Book 1 to the nearby villages and those nearby villages formed groups and Life Groups started running… it was so amazing, so encouraging, systems that we are introducing, even to places where we have not even reached.”


Bernard also expressed how impressed he was as encouraging Life Groups to plant new Life Groups is part of the message of Books 3 and 4. The Life Groups in Chilando are clearly well ahead of the syllabus!Those 5 original Life Groups have now grown and expanded to 12 all because the people there were inspired to go out in faith and spread the good news. It is an incredibly humbling and inspiring moment to realise that people are able to carry on the work and have the desire to do so without our input. Bernard and the rest of the team are feeling very motivated to support Life Groups in the Eastern Province.Please join us in praying for:

  • More growth and expansion.
  • Us to able to keep up with the desire for resources, both in Petauke and other areas, including our plans to digitise our materials to help with this.
  • Petauke's story to be an inspiration to Life Groups elsewhere.

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