Love in Musonda

On our recent trip to Luapula, Agnes a member of an Impact Team, told us this story of what is currently happening.“We have a Dignity Life Group in my area, the village of Chabala. Everyone is doing fine. We meet every week and as part of our meeting we have decided to help the elderly people in the village. We have donated maize, cassava and have made mealiemeal (ground maize).In the last few weeks we have helped two elderly people in our village, Mr Malwe with maize and mealie meal, and Mrs Chanda with cassava and mealiemeal.**The Life Group intend to move in other areas when they prepare more.We have also helped with maintenance of a house, a widower called Mr Chembe. His house had collapsed and he could not fix it.We will have more ideas of helping people, and will continue in other villages as the group is donating and growing more food.”Agnes, Musonda Falls.** To put this story in context. This activity has been going on in the month of September. This is the month where many people struggle for food in the villages. It is just before the rains begin, so is the driest and hardest time of year. Often, money from maize sales has run out, or even yet to be paid by the government. It is a time of suffering. The elderly in particular are vulnerable in this situation.

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