Matanga’s Life

Matanga has never walked. He has never been off the ground. His whole life has been lived in the dust. Everyday tasks like washing, eating and especially getting around are excruciatingly difficult.About 3 months ago, one of Dignity’s Impact Teams visited the village area of Kasokorta. They conducted some training using the Love Your Village resource with a group of the residents in Kasokorta. In particular they began a relationship with Precious and Joffrey. The Love Your Village course encourages villagers to take responsibility and to love their neighbour in deliberate planned action. Through some friends they managed to apply for a PET cart.A PET cart, stands for Personal Energy Transport cart. They are constructed in the US and distributed in Zambia by the Methodist Mission. The idea is to give people personal mobility and in the case of Matanga they have succeeded.One of Dignity’s aims through initiatives like Love Your Village is to create the conditions and desire where partnerships like this can happen. Resources like time and even money from within a community can be directed towards the needy. Occasionally like with the PET cart, some help can come from the outside.The key is a group of people that will make it happen in the first place. We call these groups Life Groups, gatherings of people to Love God and to Love their Neighbour. They have already transformed Matanga’s life through visiting, encouragement and direct intervention.We believe in their efforts, and the efforts of other groups to transform more villages in Rural Africa. Matanga can now get around and learn to live something more like a normal life.Why not click on the share buttons below so more can read about this encouraging story?

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