Dignity is not a church, it's a voice to reach many people. - Sebastian Nota, Namibia

What is God calling you to do? If one of the opportunities below stirs your faith and excites you, we would love to hear from you. Download the invitation packs to find out more.

Trustee Invitation (with mission expertise)

Do you feel called to missional movements, with a particular focus on people, faith and community? Are you rooted in the Christian faith, with a sound foundation of prayer? Do you have experience in helping others take steps of faith, pastoral care, or shaping the structures and practices that create connection between those stepping out in faith and an organisation walking with them? If these thoughts excite you, we invite you to consider this opportunity to join us.

Download the invitation: Invitation pack

Fundraising Volunteer Invitation

Are you called to use your imagination, creativity and passion to release finance into mission and growing God’s Kingdom? Does an opportunity to invest your skills and faith in helping people build community, bring others to Jesus and overcome disadvantage excite you, especially if we tell you that every £6 given will provide a year of ongoing discipleship for one person? If so, we invite you to consider this opportunity to join us.

Download the invitation: Invitation Pack

About us

Our Mission

Dignity exists to bring people to Jesus through community and through this, to overcome disadvantage in all its forms.

Our Values

Pioneering: We actively seek out the areas where the church is at its weakest. We create and make available a library of materials, resources and ways of working which are freely available to support those who are becoming involved in God’s mission and plans for communities.

People: We go where theSpirit leads us to find the people that God has placed in the communities he wants us to work with. We call these people Oaks of Righteousness (Isaiah61:3); some of them do not know God yet. They are the foundation for the work God will do in their community.

Working Together: We believe that bringing people of all types together with Jesus and their community is a powerful force for change. Our principal method of achieving this is through the creation of Life Groups which unify and then enrich their communities.

Why now?

By 2029, we are working towards 500,000 LifeGroups helping people to know Jesus within community and fighting disadvantagein all its forms. Today there are 1,000 Life Groups that we know of, providing discipleship to 20,000 people.*


We have tried and tested methods for planting and multiplying Life Groups that have positive life changing effects on both individuals and communities.We have seen how evangelism leads to people coming to know Jesus, how teaching, friendship and community lead to discipleship, and how acts of kindness and love transform communities. At this point in our story, our strategy for grow this to emulate the work of our Lead Mission Pioneer, Jon Paul Witt, by raising up a team of associate missionaries (working title). To implement our strategy well, we are looking to broaden the perspective and grow the capability of our team. We'd love to hear from you if you believe God is calling you to journey with us.

Contact us on hello@dignityonline.org.uk

*Life Groups typically have between 10 and 30 members. We estimate overall membership based on 20 members per group.

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