Ropes and Nets in North Wales

The stories of Life Groups are inspiring people in different places to start groups in their communities.

Having returned from a trip to Zambia a few years ago, a couple in North Wales felt the need to start a Life Group in their village. Their aim was to build community and share the love and message of Jesus. God is doing something amidst this group. They have seen people come to faith and are now exploring how they can start other groups.

A friend of Dignity's who has been in Wales 21 years has been inspired by what the Life Group is doing and is listening to see what God wants for North Wales. Twice in 48 hours, he was given a picture of an old fishing net spread over North Wales. Some of the knots in it were large and some small. He believes that the small knots represent Christian communities, and that the ropes tying them together represent relationship. Some ropes were broken and had been mended together. There is the sense that these knots and the ropes connecting them need to be strong in order to make a catch. We believe this is how we will see more people in North Wales come to know Jesus.

When we share these stories, people are excited and expectant. God is connecting people who are asking the same questions, people who are desperate for something different and want to see God's people mobilised. Even chance meetings in coffee shops are confirming God is on the move!

Please join us as we pray and seek God together for North Wales. As with everywhere Dignity works, our aim is to help places where Christians are longing for community, but the local church is closed, or has few resources. We pray that, through this, parts of North Wales will experience new life.

It is a joy to see the ideas and simplicity of Life Groups spreading to encourage and equip Christians in other places. Our One Step course can help you start a Life Group where you are. Gather some friends, and through 6 interactive sessions, complete with videos and a course book, you will learn how to start and lead a Life Group together.

Encouraged by what is emerging in North Wales?

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