Seeing Life Groups Start part 1

Jon invited Life Group Members to his home in Mkushi, Zambia. He posed to them a simple question: How have you seen new Life Groups start?One man told the story of how he started his own Life Group in his village. He had originally heard about Dignity from a friend and was invited to a meeting and went along. He was amazed by what the Life Group was doing and learning- they had been doing a lesson from Rooted in Jesus. The man then said to them 'I don't live here, what can I do to get this started in my own village?'. They told him that it was simple, that he only needed 3 or more people to join him, and that he could take a copy of Rooted in Jesus to help start the meetings.So, he went home and began to gather people. Initially, he invited people from his own Anglican church. They all came and began to form a Life Group - however after further discussion, realised that they needed to be more inclusive of other people and encourage others to join. They prayed about it and the man told them to go away and each bring another person from a different church back to the group. The next week, the Life Group was so big they had to split into two different groups!It's amazing how God uses Life Groups to help start new Life Groups. Many people who spoke to Jon had similar stories - each as important as the next - about how people are so encouraged by the messages of the Life Groups and training days, that they want to go home and share it with their communities. Bringing together Christians and non-Christians alike.

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