Seeing Life Groups Start Part 3

Jon invited Life Group Members to his home in Mkushi, Zambia. He posed a simple question: How have you seen new Life Groups start?One man said told the story of how his own Life Group came to be. Several people from his community had attended a Life Group training day and felt encouraged to start their own group back home in their community. At first, this seemed to go very well, however after some time, people began to drop off and were no longer invested in the group.What was left were only a few people who all went to the same church. The man said, they had the opportunity then for it to be a church group instead, however the remaining members felt the importance of being inclusive and began to pray about it. They still met regularly and prayed that one day they may be joined by others from outside their church. They met like that for quite sometime before finally, they were able to invite people from a different church and the Life Group began to grow again.It's amazing how waiting on God can bring new life to situations!

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