Selma and Johannes

Jon Witt recently completed a long road trip across Namibia, and during his trip, met up with a couple. This is his story:"This is just about as raw and close with people that it gets.One afternoon, we met Selma and Johannes with some people from around their area. We met at their house in Kaisosi, which is a compound area outside of the town of Rundu.It was mercilessly hot that afternoon. At 5pm it was still 40 degrees!

We spoke about Jesus, the difference he makes in our lives and prayed that we would all know him better and have a better life.Selma and Johannes are thinking about starting a Life Group in Kaisosi. They said that they would try. We ask that you might pray for them as they try to bring something of Jesus to their community. This is how many Life Groups begin, when someone takes the step to make it happen.It’s a step that ends up helping make life better for everyone."

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