Surprises in Northern Zambia

In a region near the Senga Hills in northern Zambia, things have been developing steadily without the central team being aware of it – until now.

‘We hadn’t heard any reports from the area, so we didn’t know whether anything was happening there or not,’ Jon Witt said.

Recently, he paid the region a visit and spent time with Mebbin, a local pastor and church leader, his wife, and a friend who works with them. The last Jon had heard, Mebbin had set up two Life Groups and together they had begun using Village Journey.

‘When you don’t hear anything for a while,’ Jon said, ‘it’s easy to think that there’s nothing to report. The reverse was true. When I visited Mebbin and his wife in their home, I learned that those two Life Groups had become twelve. I was amazed!’

Mebbin had taught himself with Village Journey and as he studied, he had quietly got on with sharing the good news among the people in his community. As new Life Groups were birthed, he suggested that his wife and his friend might also begin setting up meetings, and between the three of them they have overseen this impressive expansion.  

‘I’m so pleased that without the direct involvement of Dignity team members, people on the ground can be as effective as this,’ said Jon, ‘I had feared that perhaps nothing was happening in the Senga Hills area, and I’m absolutely delighted to have been proved wrong.’

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