Unity is powerful

Frank has faithfully been planting and encouraging Life Groups in and around Simambwe in Tanzania for a few years now. Saimon and Mussa have begun to help him in recent months and together they are seeing a steady increase in unity.The team explains that when Life Groups began people thought they were planting another church. But when people realised it was good teaching, and that it brought people together, the reach of Life Groups went to a whole new level. Frenk sees that what they are doing is not just reaching out to the church goers, but it is going out to people who do not go to church. He finds that he has an increased number of non-Christian friends from the village areas as they are beginning to attend these meetings and respecting those who are organising them. Unlikely friendships are growing and unity is spreading not just between churches, but between different parts of the communities.The team receives more and more invites from people wanting to learn about Life Groups. Among these people are local chiefs who are not Christians but they are very interested by the changes they are seeing in their communities. One chief was so happy to hear the good news of Jesus and so impressed by the impact of Life Groups in his community that he asked to be baptised!Suggestions for prayer:

  • Pray for Saimon and Mussa as they become more involved in planting Life Groups.
  • We can see that unity is powerful. Please pray for more and more unity in this area and other areas where Life Groups are meeting.
  • Please pray for protection over this – we know that division and deception are tools that Satan will use if given a chance.

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