What we learnt in Katima Mulilo

Last week we ran our Intelligence School of Rural Evangelism in Katima Mulilo, Namibia.About 20 of us gathered together and at the end of the week we asked people what they had learnt. Here are some of the answers."I have learnt how to do God's work without being political.""I have learnt a way of reaching out to the people around us without big expenses but by using what is locally available.""I was wondering how I could approach the alcoholics in my community. This session has helped me see that I can go and sit with them and try to understand them. We can help each other with the resources we have around us.""I used to think that a missionary was someone who travels a long distance but I have come to learn that I can be a missionary in my own town.""Until we kill the denominational mindset we will not be able to preach the gospel effectively. We need to learn to work with each other and cut off the boundaries that have been stopping us.""I have learnt that in some ways I am holding others back. I need to go home and put right a conversation with my sister-in-law and pray for her as she asked me to.""I have learnt to go where people do not know God. We are fighting because we only go where others have already shared the good news.""I have seen that what is killing us in our communities are 'religious issues'. We must put these aside and be based only on Jesus Christ.""When I get home I am going to take action!"Please pray for all those who joined us last week as they go home and try to start something new in their community.

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