Young people breaking free

Bwambale Johnson has seen people with substance abuse problems coming to know Jesus. “As they realise that Jesus gave everything for them,” he says, “they’re coming to faith in him. Here in Uganda, many young people are falling into addiction, some of them to alcohol, but since I began using Village Journey, I’ve seen them find faith and grow in it.”

Bwambale is young himself, so he wanted to reach out to this community and see these young people escape their addiction. Now, five of them are being saved from addiction, and he’s hoping to see wider change. He’s creating a fellowship with these young people, though, and believes that as they grow in the faith, he’ll see the work having greater impact.

“I thank God who changed my life by the time I have spent with Bwambale reading Village Journey. I have recently given my life to Jesus. We are increasing in knowledge of winning souls. From the day my life changed in many ways, I cannot explain. I have changed. I was among those who did not attend church services. I didn't even know how to read the Bible. I didn't even believe Jesus was there. But since I've been reading Village Journey I am seeing how Jesus is good. I am telling others about how good Jesus is. Jesus died for me, and now I have new life in him. I had heard it before, but I did not even put any effort in him. But since Bwambale gave me these pages, I have been able to understand. We are still convincing other people to come and join us to know Jesus, step by step. We are meeting in fellowship and doing Bible study together weekly. I thank God because today I'm also leading a Life Group of 6 people." - Geoffrey

Bwambale says, “I’m very encouraged by the work I’m doing, I see it this way: God has saved me and called me to sanctification. I believe he has also called me to serve these people, no matter the challenges involved. He’s called me to serve and win the souls of others. Since it’s the Lord who has asked this of me, I’m going to do my utmost to obey, and I have faith that he will provide everything that’s needed.”

Bwambale wants to work towards sharing skills with members of the group that will help lift them out of poverty. To enable that, the group he’s started has also begun to operate as a financial cooperative.

He says, “I like Dignity resources because they get groups to do something practical about their situations.”

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